Elegance of Real Cedar

The Elegance of Real Cedar

For centuries builders and artisans have valued western red cedar for its natural beauty and durability.

Architectural Design – Cedar complements any architectural design – from turn-of-the-century to contemporary.

Colors – Unfinished cedar has richly textured grain with colors ranging from mellow ambers, reddish cinnamons and rich sienna browns. Its warm coloring is complemented by a uniform, fine-grained texture with a satin luster.


Easy Finishing – Because cedar is virtually pitch and resin free, the wood easily accepts a range of finishes, from fine oils and stains, to solid coatings and paint.

Usages – Enhance the beauty and elegance of your home or commercial property with cedar siding, decking, moulding, windows, doors, posts, beams, paneling, outdoor projects, interiors and saunas.

Aroma – Cedar’s unique aroma comes from naturally occurring thujaplicins in its heartwood. These compounds resist moisture and are toxic to decay-causing fungi and insects and preserve the wood to give it long lasting appeal.

Acoustic Insulation – Acoustic properties of cedar walls and ceilings provide sound insulation necessary to quieten rooms. Surround yourself in the beauty of cedar.