Real Cedar FAQ


Which is better? Real Cedar siding or substitutes?

How long does Real Cedar siding last?

Does Real Cedar siding come with a warranty?

What fasteners do I use on Real Cedar siding?

What nails do I use on Real Cedar siding?

Do I install Real Cedar siding over house wrap?

Can I staple Real Cedar siding?

What are the advantages of Real Cedar siding?

Can I blind nail bevel siding?

How can I finish Real Cedar siding?

Do I stain siding on all 6 sides?

Should I weather siding before staining?

Should I weather Real Cedar before coating?


Why use Real Cedar versus composite decking?

What’s the best stain for Real Cedar decks?



Can I install real cedar inside?

What are Real Cedar’s acoustic properties?

Can I use Real Cedar in bathrooms?


Which fasteners are best on outdoor structures?

What are the beam spans for a pergola?

Can I install Real Cedar posts in the ground?

Is Real Cedar safe for raised gardens?


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Where do you buy Real Cedar?

Should I use coated or stainless steel screws?

Why do I want Real Cedar?

Does Real Cedar hold paint?

Why is Real Cedar environmentally responsible?

What makes Real Cedar “green”?

Does Real Cedar have a fire retardant rating?

Is Real Cedar ok in Wildland Urban Interface Areas?