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Delivering customer expectations with honesty and integrity is the central precept of our company. We view our suppliers and customers, and employees as long term partners, and believe that our own company’s success is founded in assisting them to be successful.

The origins of both Bakerview Forest Products Inc., and Pat Power Forest Products Corp. hail back to 1980 when each company respectively began their businesses in the wholesale of Western Red Cedar.

Over the past 3 decades, as the coastal forest industry evolved, so did each respective company,  to include the business functions of  distribution, and remanufacture (including the ownership of  kiln drying facilities) and to include a variety of other wood species in their product line. In 2007, in response to the changing coastal industry and the secession desires of their founders (Vern Friesen, and Pat Power, respectively), Bakerview and Pat Power Forest joined forces.

While Western Red Cedar remains a focal point of the combined company, we further specialize in a variety of  softwood species (Yellow Cedar, SPF, Hemlock, Pine, Fir, Eastern Cypress) and coastal hardwoods. We customarily stock and distribute our product from three facilities ( 2 in the Pacific Northwest, and one in Florida ).