Five Reasons Cedar Makes Sense in the Snow

winter cabin made of cedar

The Quiet beauty of a Cedar Cabin in Snow

Why is Western Red Cedar siding seen on cabins in every ski haven from Stowe to Aspen, and beyond? We’ve got five reasons Cedar is the material of choice when it comes to building a durable and beautiful home in snowy ski towns everywhere. Continue reading “Five Reasons Cedar Makes Sense in the Snow”

How To Use Western Red Cedar Inside Your Home

Take Western Red Cedar Inside

Most people understand the benefits of using Real Cedar for outdoor projects, like fencing, decking and siding. They know its durability, how it stands up to the elements, how it’s naturally resistant to rot and decay, and how timelessly stylish it is. But once the season changes and the chill of fall sets in and we all go indoors, it’s a good time to remember just how gorgeous Western Red Cedar looks – and smells – on the inside. Continue reading “How To Use Western Red Cedar Inside Your Home”

Three Cedar Projects in Three Days with Colin & Justin

It was an ambitious building plan for design duo and TV hosts Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan – three projects in just three days. A two-car timber-frame carport, space-defining pergola and circular outdoor sauna were the trio of projects put together at Colin and Justin’s cabin at Drag Lake in Haliburton, Ont. Thanks to Western Red Cedar and a team of building pros, the projects went off – mostly – without a hitch. Continue reading “Three Cedar Projects in Three Days with Colin & Justin”

Urban sanctuary framed by Western Red Cedar


Location: San Francisco, California
Architect: Terremoto.LA
Photo: Bruce Damonte

Take a slender, rectangular urban backyard and turn it into a multifaceted outdoor living space that flows seamlessly from the interior to the exterior. Innovative landscape design firm Terremoto.LA rose to the challenge beautifully with its Randall project in San Francisco.

Continue reading “Urban sanctuary framed by Western Red Cedar”

Trends to Watch – Why You Should Be Using Knotty Cedar

Knotty Cedar is worth a second look

Knotty Western Red Cedar is quietly growing in popularity, and for all the right reasons. The green, sustainable characteristics of Western Red Cedar are well-known, but here are seven top reasons why you may want to stock up on Knotty Western Red Cedar decking or siding.

Continue reading “Trends to Watch – Why You Should Be Using Knotty Cedar”

Wood Innovation and Design Centre – Beginning of the Timber Age

“Wood is the only building material grown by the sun with low energy requirements to extract and process,” says award-winning architect Michael Green in an interview for Cedar Book VIII.

Location: Prince George, BC
Architect: MGA
Photo: Ema Peter

Move over steel and concrete. The world’s most innovative architects are turning to wood as their material of choice for tall or mid-rise buildings. Dubbed the “beginning of the timber age,” this carbon-sequestering period in architecture is all about re-envisioning nature’s most enduring and versatile material. At the forefront of this movement is Michael Green. His firm, MGA, not only celebrates the beauty of woods such as Western Red Cedar, but also their structural possibilities in green construction. Continue reading “Wood Innovation and Design Centre – Beginning of the Timber Age”

Project of the Week – Sea Bright House


Location: Sea Bright, New Jersey

Architect: Jeff Jordan Architects

Photo: Gregory Maka

Set in a classic Jersey Shore town with a collection of quirky shops and restaurants to compliment an even quirkier collection of houses, the area surrounding this modern retreat has no shortage of charm. It also has no shortage of iconic vistas. Continue reading “Project of the Week – Sea Bright House”

Project of the Week – Trefoil House

Location: Stowe, Vermont
Architect: J.Roc Design
Photo: James Leng

Despite the challenges of building on a steep mountainside, the Trefoil Glass House was a true labor of love for architect Jeremy Jih. That’s because he designed this stunning home for his long-time partner, who’s an avid skier with an affinity for the Stowe town ski area. Continue reading “Project of the Week – Trefoil House”

Thinking of Cedar siding? Here’s what to consider

Ready to invest in timeless style?

Eternally stylish, classically beautiful and structurally strong, Western Red Cedar is the cashmere of wood siding. Whether it’s a clear or knotty grade, Western Red Cedar siding equals better protection, increased value for your home, and timeless style. For those who are ready to invest in the long-term beauty of Real Cedar siding, here are three tips to consider before you build. Continue reading “Thinking of Cedar siding? Here’s what to consider”

Why We Only Build With Western Red Cedar

Cedar pergola

‘There is no classic when you use plastic’

For those who love the look of exceptionally built Western Red Cedar pergolas, it’s hard not to get swept away by the Instagram feed of a Midwest builder. Each post is better than the last with Minnesota Pergolas, a company that always crafts their rock-solid pergolas with Western Red Cedar. It’s the optimal material for pergolas because it’s rot resistant, has rich character and a gorgeous natural aroma, says Minnesota Pergolas owner Kregg Weispfenning. Continue reading “Why We Only Build With Western Red Cedar”